Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss Q & A

Hearing loss is a common problem, especially among older adults. Many people notice a gradual loss of hearing beginning in their 50s. By age 75, more than half of adults in the United States have some hearing loss. Hearing damage can occur in younger people, too. 

If you notice that your hearing isn’t as sharp as it used to be, you need an expert evaluation. Prompt care can determine the cause of your hearing loss and preserve your hearing.

In older adults, there is often a link between hearing loss and the aging process. But exposure to loud noises, medications, and chronic health problems can also contribute to hearing loss. Severe ear injury or infection can also damage your hearing.

Your occupation can put you at risk for hearing loss, too. People in the military or construction jobs often develop hearing loss. Musicians, factory workers, and flight crews are also frequently exposed to loud noises. Over time, these noises may damage your hearing.

Hearing aids can help you regain your confidence and stay in touch with the world around you. Your provider performs a thorough assessment to determine if hearing aids are right for you. 

If you opt for hearing aids, your provider helps you choose your ideal fit. As part of your care plan, you meet with an audiologist regularly. The audiologist can check your hearing and make any necessary adjustments.

Hearing aids may not be an ideal choice for patients with severe hearing loss. If you have lost a significant portion of your hearing, your provider might suggest cochlear implants.

Hearing aids are the best choice for most patients, but other treatments may be available. Understanding the cause of hearing loss is the best way to determine an appropriate treatment.

Some patients may experience hearing loss due to otosclerosis or acoustic neuroma. Surgery may resolve these conditions and restore your hearing. Your provider can help you decide if surgery is right for you.

Hearing rehabilitation helps other people adjust to their hearing loss. During rehab, patients learn to use visual cues and assistive devices to manage their symptoms.

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